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About Us

TISSAN, established in 2001, is an ambitious, visionary and a well-placed company with the potential to transform the way people lives and work.
Created by devoted people with strong experience in IT Market, TISSAN started its path by putting its focus on providing suitable TOTAL SOLUTIONS with innovative technologies by having into consideration the infrastructure and all cultural and traditional aspects.
TISSAN advantages the technology; however, its priority is the business. TISSAN finds the right solutions by maintaining close cooperation with its clients and partners for mutual success.
In this path, on early stage, TISSAN discovered the needs for an across the border tracking solution for transport industry and have created a state of the art tracking solution with worldwide coverage in cooperation with Inmarsat, Satamatics, Sectrack, BSMWireless). Today, Tissan’s different tracking solution has been used in many countries from Middle East to Europe.


 A company with a Special Culture
Honesty and fidelity, an entrepreneurial and challenging spirit, and the zest forachievement are the basis of the company, and with all these concepts, TISSAN will lead its processes throughout the years.
The company’s principal responsibility is to serve its market. The catalyst for this importance is the urge of TISSAN’s family, for personal and mutual achievements. We take pride in accomplishing truly great achievements. For us this means success. Also, we demonstrate the highest level of personal integrity by just doing a job right and serving the customers to the best of our abilities.

Taking supervision/Control/monitoring further


“TrackMaster ™” is the core technology base on what different tracking solution product has been designed worldwide. it is End to End Tracking Total Solutions based on different communication media including GSM Network and Satellite (Inmarsat D+, Orbcomm and Thuraya). Technology, has been almost invisible and simple.
Our tracking products and solutions are distributed worldwide by our chosen partners under different name depending of the market all using TISSAN innovative tracking solution called TrackMaster ™.
Each product for each market has been designed by following our business development pattern:
We take into consideration, the infrastructure and all cultural and traditional aspects of each country. we aim to provide customized suitable TOTAL SOLUTIONS which leads us to a unique position in the Market.

Our activity before any product design consists of:
Study the Market,
Define the needs,
Sourcing and Designing a solution in cooperation with different suppliers,
Create a partnership with international and local companies,
Invest and offer a tailor made “Total Solution” answering to the market demand.

TISSAN provides a full package from planning to implementation, and from concepts to reality.